Speed Dating in the Digital Era

Speed Dating in the Digital Era

Dating in the 21st century has become a bit of a paradox. Despite the ability to stay in touch 24/7, and despite the endless number of outlets with which to meet people, dating is actually more complicated than ever. And why we think speed dating is a better alternative in the digital era. We’ve assembled this Dating Survival Guide, your roadmap to navigating the winding, seemingly endless roads of the online dating world.

The Problem with Online Dating

Sites like Tinder, Match.com, eHarmony, and others were created to give you more dating options. But there are a lot of inherent problems with this option-focused approach.

One of the biggest issues is the superficiality of the whole process. Basically, you are being selected or ignored based on your looks (real or fake) and a few carefully crafted sentences. You’ve certainly tried it—we all have. You put up the best pic you can find and slave over your profile, finding that perfect balance between witty and humble. Suddenly, hundreds of singles are judging you based on a photo and some words. Sound intimidating? It is!

Unfortunately, trying to meet singles online has made people more insecure than ever before. From filters to fake profiles, men and women are often measuring themselves against impossible expectations. So, how does anyone expect to rise above the madness in this digital dating era?

When it comes to matchmaking, online dating sites can sometimes hit a home run. But it’s rare. More likely, they hit foul ball after foul ball until you either give up or move on to the next thing. And even if you hit it off with someone online, who’s to say the spark will not burn out when the two of you come face-to-face?

For something that is designed to make a connection less complicated, it sure seems pretty complicated.

What Are Singles Looking for in the Dating World?

When it comes to how we meet singles in Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins and beyond, people have become increasingly jaded. Who wants to waste their time on dating sites that, more often than not, deliver lackluster results?

Though an online dating experience may seem fun and exciting at first, there comes a time when it simply does not offer enough. There is only so far an online dating experience can go before things become stagnant. And because many in the online dating scene appear more one-dimensional than real, more and more are growing tired of the status quo and want change.

After all, singles today don’t have time to waste. Who has time to chit-chat with person after person in hopes it turns into something meaningful? When it comes down to the practical details, real relationships—as we’ve always known—usually begin in real life.

What Are the Alternatives?

There are always blind dates, but these rarely go well. In fact, forget we even brought that up. You’re not going on a blind date.

One of the best and most effective alternatives to online dating is speed dating. If you’ve never heard of it, you are missing out on a real opportunity to meet like-minded Denver singles without the stress, pressure or built-in digital wizardry of the web.

Is Speed Dating for You?

Believe it or not, an orthodox rabbi developed speed dating in 1998. Speed dating is a highly organized social event where singles who are seeking a relationship come together to meet one another. Quickly.

Basically, the men rotate from table to table to have short, casual conversations with each female attendee, with each ‘date’ lasting around seven minutes. Participants take notes regarding their dates if they so choose. And at the end of the event, individuals turn in a card with the names of those they matched with at the event.

Speed dating allows you to meet plenty of singles without any stress or a form of commitment, but to do so in real life, face-to-face. If you like what you see, the pursuit continues. It doesn’t usually take long to determine if there is a connection.

At each table, there are a few suggested questions to help quickly break the ice. Or you can ask your own questions if you prefer. The point is to ask questions that will help you get to know the person. Then, if you want to know more, you are given the opportunity to connect through email.

Benefits of Speed Dating

There are tons of benefits to speed dating in Denver. If you are still on the fence, keep reading.

  1. Speed dating offers a fun experience that’s much more relaxing than a blind date. You get the opportunity to meet new and exciting people. There’s usually food and drinks, and there’s no awkward exit strategy if it isn’t going well.

  2. Speed is one of the biggest benefits. You are too busy with your career and other responsibilities to waste time. If you hit it off with someone, you get their contact info. If it is a miss, it’s on to the next one.

  3. With a seven-minute date, you can get right to the point. There is no awkward intro or periods of silence. Time is of the essence and every minute counts, so your time is not wasted.

  4. Speed dating events are much more affordable than hiring a matchmaker or signing up for expensive, recurring memberships to dating sites.

  5. Most singles get at least one match during a speed dating event. Plus, there are multiple events, so there is always another chance to meet the right one.

To Sum It Up

There is a reason online dating rarely works. Face-to-face interactions are simply more effective at determining a good fit. If you are interested in meeting a variety of singles during a fun, in-person event, Lovebug Speed Dating is your answer. The events are fun, they’re exciting and they really work. Remember, real relationships start IRL.